Podcast #3: Following The Grateful Dead, Awakening Kundalini Energy, and Channeling Grace

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Kai Shanti

“Channeling God’s Love”

Up until around the 20th century, initiation into mystical traditions that involved the awakening of inner energy was reserved only for a few select devotees of a guru after they had contributed countless hours of service and practice in the presence of that guru. 

But according to my guest today, Kai Shanti, the opportunity to gain access to the direct experiences described in all of the world’s great mystical traditions has recently been opened up to a much wider audience. 

It all has to do with an energy called ‘kundalini’ and an initiation called ‘shaktipat.’ Kundalini is the force or power associated with the divine feminine, which upon awakening begins its ascent from the base of the spine all the way up to the crown of the head where it culminates in full enlightenment of the individual. Along the way, a person can expect to experience all sorts of unusual things — spontaneous yoga poses, automatic breathing, involuntary forming of hand gestures (mudras), the sound of buzzing of bees in the third eye, and much more.  

When Kai had her own experience of awakening the kundalini through her guru — following a rather chaotic period of her life in which she lived as a hippie in San Francisco and followed The Grateful Dead, and later moved to Los Angels to pursue her modeling/acting/music talents and married one of the rock stars from Guns N’ Roses — hardly anyone had heard of Kundalini and yoga was still a new phenomenon. Nowadays, a far greater number of people have heard of kundalini and people are having spontaneous awakenings all across the planet as we reach a new level of world consciousness.  

Today, Kai is a gifted teacher and a healer. She is the founder of Angel of Light Meditation where she conducts public gatherings and private sessions through various methods — especially channeling, allowing herself to be taken over by spirit for the purpose of communication, sometimes in different tongues, in order to help other people. 

Show Highlights

  • How life teaches us that happiness cannot be found through external circumstances, even our greatest dreams

  • What kundalini and shaktipat are

  • Who the two major shaktipat gurus and lineages were that came to the West

  • Why people all around the world are spontaneously awakening

  • How to find your inner voice and discover your truest potential within yourself 

  • What it means to be free, and why most people don’t experience freedom

  • How channeling works

  • How to pick a spiritual practice that resonates with you

Resources and People Mentioned in Podcast

Yogi Bajan

Baba Muktananda

Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas

Dyanyoga Centers

Siddha Yoga

Gopi Krishna

Alan Steinfeld (New Realities)

Relevant Books