Podcast #5: Bliss Through Music and Experiencing Deep Meditation Without Retreats  


Kip Mazuy

Meditation teacher and musician

Many people looking to grow spiritually and undergo the sort of training that allows them to experience deep insights into the nature of their own being will spend thousands of dollars on extended meditation retreats or years studying with enlightened masters. 

While this is wonderful for those who have the opportunity, for many of us this is simply not possible. 

Fortunately, my guest today, Kip Mazuy, is an awakened meditation teacher and a musician who created a revolutionary sound technology that transmits kundalini shakti, the energy of unconditional peace and pure consciousness, which allows listeners to experience deep states of meditation and bliss very quickly. 

Kip has produced a variety of CDs, including the albums “Infinite Sky,” “Pure,” and “The Calling,” and thousands of people all around the world are using them. 

He currently runs a website called Bliss Music where he sells his CDs and leads virtual webinars where he connects with people from all around the world. 

Show Highlights 

  • What the energy called “shakti” is 

  • Why it can help you surpass superficial experiences of meditation 

  • How it can pull you into states of joy and awareness

  • How to feel the energy and open your sensitivity to it

  • How to meditate while listening to Kip’s music 

  • What bliss is and how it differs from terms like pleasure and happiness 

  • How Kip’s music differs from brainwave entrainment

  • What benefits we can experience from his music, including health and longevity, creativity and intelligence, focus, healing, and awakening.

  • Why humanity vibrates at such a high level of stress

  • How to manage stress

Resources and People Mentioned in Podcast

Windham Hill

Peter Gabriel 

Sample of Kip’s Music

Connect with Kip

Bliss Music (Kip’s website)

Meditation Music for Spiritual Awakening (Kip’s YouTube Channel)