Podcast #1: Empowered Loving, Embodiment Practices, and Men's Work


Shems Heartwell

Life and Relationship Guide

One of the most important things we can do in all of our quests of personal development is to learn how to show up more fully in life. But doing this is often easier said than done. That’s why I took some time to speak with a very special guest, Shems Heartwell, for the inaugural podcast of this series. 

According to Shems, we have a variety of tools at our disposal, as both men and women, that can help catalyze our lives to a whole new level, but most of us simply aren’t utilizing them. 

We all want to learn to become better communicators and increase our abilities to connect with others, but unfortunately many of us have not had good modeling on how to keep our hearts open during times of tension and trauma. We often look to TV, sitcoms, and movies for education and guidance on how to excel in our relationships, only to feel short-changed when dealing with difficult situations throughout our own lives. 

Men, especially, often lack some of the skills in maintaining openness, vulnerability, and authenticity that come more naturally to women, and yet men can learn these skills whilst still remaining connected to their power. He said,

“Whether we’re a man or a woman, I’m a huge believer that’s there’s a potential for us to show up more fully in all of our relationships. And women tend to do that a little easier than men, so there’s a bigger need for men to have healthy environments to learn more skills in their lives.”

Show Highlights 

  • How to show up more fully in life

  • How we can work better together in relationships 

  • Why there’s a need “healthy masculinity” 

  • How men can learn to be more open, vulnerable, and authentic, whilst staying connected to their power 

  • How to incorporate new embodiment skills, simple vitality practices, and relationship skills

  • Why most of us are overdeveloped mentally, and underdeveloped in whole being wisdom

  • How to dissolve fear 

  • How to move expressions through us that we held back

  • How to calm our nervous system when we’re with others

  • How shadow work helps resolve repeated challenges, failures, and hardships

  • How to practice qigong

Resources and People Mentioned in Podcast

The Men’s Passage: An 8-Week Powerhouse Program for Men

Gay and Kitty Hendrix and The Hendrix Institute 

Robert Agustus Masters, Phd

Alfonso de Rose

Ken Wilber and The Integral Institute 

David Deida

Mantak Chia

Win Hoffman (“The Ice Man”)

Relevant Books