How to Establish a Setting for Your Meditation Practice

Setting is an important aspect of meditation practice because creating the right atmosphere can help establish consistency in the practice. 

When you constantly sit down at the same place everyday, you are helping solidify the daily habit of meditation.   

So let’s take a look at the components that help establish an ideal setting…

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Hone Your Focus with these 6 meditation objects

The way in which someone meditate depends much less on the two different styles —concentration and awareness — and much more on the object upon which someone meditates. 

Therefore, I want to outline the six basic objects of meditation.

Keep in mind that when practicing awareness meditation, you expand your attention to include all six objects at once — or as many of them as you possibly can. When practicing concentration meditation, you isolate your attention to include only one of the six basic objects. 

Here are the six basic objects of meditation:

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