Journey Through Meditation Tutorial

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Journey Through Meditation Tutorial

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These videos include the following:

1. Journey Through Meditation Introduction (above)

2. Why Meditation

3. Intention for Meditation 

4. The Hero's Journey

5. Setting for Meditation Practice 

6. Timing for Meditation Practice

7. Meditation Warmup Activities 

8. Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation

9. Poses for Meditation Practice

10. The Two Types of Meditation

11. Awareness Meditation Activity

12. Concentration Meditation Activity

13. The Breath

14. Quiet Breathing

15. Counting the Number of Breaths

16. The Pranayama

17. Deep Breathing

18. Counting the Length of the Breaths

19. Holding the Breath

20. Alternate Nostril Breathing

21. Fast Breathing

22. Objects of Meditative Focus

23. Meditation on Sensation

24. Meditation on Mantra

25. The Two Types of Mantra

26. Meditation on Chakras

27. Meditation on Attitude

28. Meditation on Image

29. The Modifications of the Mind

30. Identifying Modifications Activity

31. The Causes of the Modifications of the Mind

32. Identifying Causes of Modifications Activity

33. Coloring of the Modifications

34. Stopping the Thoughts

35. Allowing the Thoughts

36. Review of the Basics

37. The Eight Limbs of Yoga

38. The Ten Stages of Meditation