Bring Journey Through Meditation to Your Workplace

Meditation, mindfulness, and breathing are important practices that will benefit employees and organizations as a whole if implemented.

Not only do meditation and mindfulness improve the wellbeing of employees, leading to reduced levels of stress and increased happiness, they also increases the levels of productivity and creativity in the workplace, potentially driving revenues

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Meditation Boosts Company Performance

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Meditation Improves Employee Mental Health

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Who Should Practice Meditation?

● Everyone!

● The Businessperson, teacher,

artist, athlete...

● People of all ages

● Not just the “super


● Not necessarily the

spiritual or religious

● People who seek greater


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What is Meditation?

● Practice of training attention to achieve a calmer, more sable mind

● Formal, sitting, once or twice per day

● Develops concentration

● Continually returns attention back to an object of focus

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What is Mindfulness

● Practice of bringing attention to experiences in the present moment

● Informal, ongoing, throughout daily activities

● Develops awareness

● Returns attention back to the senses, especially the body

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What Is Breathwork?

● Practice of deliberate and conscious breathing

● Method of breathing that uses the diaphragm

● Rhythmic breathing that deepens and slows breath

● Activates parasympathetic nervous system, decreases sympathetic nervous system

● Technique to reduce stress