3 Attributes that Dominate your Life

So often, our goal in life is to maintain balance, yet figuring out how to maintain that balance is often a difficult task.

I want to propose that the secret lies in nature, through the law of three. 

By understanding the law of three — the idea that every whole phenomenon is composed of three separate sources, which are active, passive, and neutral — we can live in greater harmony with ourselves and everything around us. 

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7 Chakras for Your Development

A chakra, literally meaning wheel, is an energy center in the body in which certain characteristics are present. The chakras are seven in number, each associated with a certain level of development in the human being.

The chakras are both a theoretical representation of self-development and a set of colored shapes that you can internally witness during states of advanced meditation.

Ordered much like a hierarchy of needs, the lower chakras correspond to more basic and practical traits and motivations whereas the upper chakras correspond to the more complex and sophisticated traits and motivations.

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8 Limbs of Yoga to Climb Throughout your Practice

Patanjali, the ancient sage, articulated the classical system of yoga perhaps more succinctly than anyone. Born before 400 B.C., Patanjali compiled a set of roughly two hundred aphorisms that explained the entire process of yoga from start to finish.

These aphorisms have influenced and inspired generation after generation of genuine seekers, each one of whom must eventually has to grapple with the terse sincerity of these statements. 

The Yoga Sutras describe most importantly the process of yoga found within the school of Raja yoga. For a description of the other three traditional schools of yoga — karma yoga, bakti yoga, and jnana yoga — visit my article on them here.

The Yoga Sutras outline the process of yoga as a gradual process of refinement of the body and mind. Patanjali enumerates the process of Yoga into eight steps, often referred to as limbs, which are the following:

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6 Types of Yoga to Incorporate into your Life

Yoga is an ancient system of philosophy and practice that leads to higher knowledge through greater understanding of yourself and the world around you. 

Yoga, contrary to popular perception, does not indicate merely physical postures and movements. Postures and movements are just one of the many aspects of yoga designed to help you bring about total transformation in your relationship to yourself and the world around you. 

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5 Steps to Total Purity

Yoga is more than just physical fitness, yet unfortunately most people think of yoga solely in these terms. 

Yoga is an ancient system of spiritual development that includes and transcends the mere physical postures and movements. The ancient system of yoga contains a variety of philosophies and practices  that lead to Self-knowledge. 

By following these philosophies and practices, you can purify yourself on numerous different levels, such as these:

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