3 Ways to Awaken Energy in the Body

Energy is essential to life, energy gives rise to everything we know, and energy is the force that drives our inspirations to completion. 

I want to enumerate three ways that you can awaken more energy in your life so that you can be more productive and creative. Then I want to enumerate three ways you can avoid awakening energy if you're afraid of actualizing your highest possible abilities.  

Keep in mind, not only will these methods of awakening energy affect your daily life, when applied with enough persistence, they can cause a large untapped reserve of energy to awaken, affecting your life on a profoundly spiritual level. This untapped reserve of energy has been called kundalini.   

Kundalini is an especially powerful energy. If you've never head of kundalini before or want to know why you would want to awaken it, visit my article here.

Here are the three ways to awaken more energy:

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3 Energies Essential to Life

The idea that there exists three separate energies within the being is perhaps best articulated by traditional Chinese medicine. 

Traditional Chinese medicine calls these three energies the "three treasures."

The following are the three treasures, and I want to use a candle as an analogy to describe each one of them:

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