3 Steps to Uncover Your Shadow

Uncovering the shadow is one of two approaches that I suggest as ways of acquiring greater self-understanding.

For a description of the other approach to self-understanding, visit my article here. For a description of two categories of self-development beyond self-understanding, visit my article here.

The shadow is the dark side of our psyche, the aspects of ourselves that is disconnected, disowned, rejected, repressed, hidden from ourselves, and often projected onto others.

Our shadow is unconscious, meaning that we are not aware of it. You can think of your shadow as your blind spots, in the same way that trucks have blind spots, parts of the road behind them that are not visible in the mirror.

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2 Ways to Test Your Personality

One of the most important phases of self-development is self-understanding. I consider self-understanding the first of the three major phases of self-development.

These three phases are generalizations, not specific phases that you will find outlined in any psychology book. I have outlined these three phases in an article here. 

One tremendous approach to self-understanding is personality testing. When you take a personality test, you are given a type that describes a certain set of characteristics you possess.

Although the types may have no permanent basis, especially since we are always changing, they are fantastic tools for understanding ourselves, our relationships to others, and our roles in society.

Here are the two major tests:

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2 Directions of Development

I want to take some time to describe two directions for your development. 

To acquire the broadest and deepest possible view of what is possible for our growth as human beings, we must draw upon the all the discoveries and contributions that span from the eastern to western hemisphere of the world and from ancient to modern times in history

This results in an understanding the provides two possible directions for our development:

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