3 Ways to Awaken Energy in the Body

Energy is essential to life, energy gives rise to everything we know, and energy is the force that drives our inspirations to completion. 

I want to enumerate three ways that you can awaken more energy in your life so that you can be more productive and creative. Then I want to enumerate three ways you can avoid awakening energy if you're afraid of actualizing your highest possible abilities.  

Here are the three ways to awaken more energy:

1. Increase breath energy 

Breath has been called prana, a sanskrit term meaning life force. In-breaths contain oxygen, and oxygen is an element that provides energy. So any activity that promotes deep in-breaths will increase the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. Exercise, especially running or yoga, and pranayama breathing exercises are great ways to increase oxygen intake. Also, eating raw vegetables and living in areas surrounded by plants will promote oxygen intake. 

2. Increase sensation awareness

Sensation is a feeling awareness. You can feel through each part of your physical body. Feel deeply within each layer of skin, muscle, and bone. And feel the interaction of your body with your environment.  A lot of times when we spend too much time in our minds, we lose connection with our body. In order to obtain an optimal level of health, we need to maintain a mind body connection. It's possible to think and maintain awareness of your body all at once. Wight lifting, yoga, qigong, acupuncture, massage, and sex are just a few ways to notice your body. 

3. Amplify positive emotion 

Positive emotion affects you energetically on so many different levels. If you want to amplify your positive emotions, spend time around happy people, develop positive relationships, practice smiling, watch funny television, visit a comedy club, etc. 

If you don't want to awaken energy, here are a few things you can do:

1. Limit oxygen intake

Breath shallow. Never exercise. Never practice any form of yoga and meditation. Eat fatty sugary pesticide fast foods. Never take walks in nature. 

2. Stay in your head a lot

Don't ever tune in with your feelings. Never notice your muscles and skin. Engage only in activities that make you think abstractly. Stare at a computer or television screen for long periods of time, or pursue any number of activities that promote escapism. 

3. Dull your emotions

Abuse substances like drugs and alcohol. Drink well over a customary and moderate one to two glasses of alcohol per day. Ignore or repress your emotions. Don't communicate with others. Don't share deep feelings about anything. Don't practice self-reflection.