3 Attributes that Dominate your Life

So often, our goal in life is to maintain balance, yet figuring out how to maintain that balance is often a difficult task.

I want to propose that the secret lies in nature, through the law of three. 

By understanding the law of three — the idea that every whole phenomenon is composed of three separate sources, which are active, passive, and neutral — we can live in greater harmony with ourselves and everything around us. 

One of the most useful depictions of the law of three is the three gunas. Guna is a sanskrit, or ancient Indian language, term. In this case, the term guna can be taken to mean ‘quality, peculiarity, attribute, or property.’

These three gunas are called 'tamas,' ‘sattva,’ and 'rajas.’ They represent the character of everyone and everything.

Here’s a list of other words that associate with each of the three gunas:

1. Tamas

Passive, Aversive, Dull, Depressed, Neglectful, Apathetic, Lethargic, Reluctant, Cold, and Denying

2. Sattva    

Neutral, Balanced, Pure, Harmonious, Generous, Content, Calm, Universal, Moderate, and Reconciling

3. Rajas

Active, Attached, Excited, Anxious, Obsessed, Passionate, Restless, Aspiring, Hot, and Affirming

So take a moment to reflect on your own life, and see which areas of your life apply to each of the three gunas. 

The goal, obviously, is to accumulate a greater portion of sattvic than rajasic and tamasic qualities. A sattvic person maintains neutrality and balance.

A predominantly sattvic person lives in service of society without any expectation of recognition or reward or any ulterior motive.

A predominantly rajasic person lives more for personal gain and achievement.

A predominantly tamasic person lives more in resistance and opposition to others.

So right now I want to talk about the 3 ways that you can reduce rajas and tamas and increase sattva.

1. To reduce tamas avoid tamasic foods, oversleeping, overeating, inactivity, passivity, and sedentary situations. Tamasic foods include heavy meats, especially pork, and foods that are spoiled, chemically treated, processed or refined.

2. To reduce rajas avoid rajasic foods, over exercising, overworking, loud music, excessive thinking, and consuming excessive material goods. Rajasic foods include fried foods, spicy foods, and simulants, such as caffeine.

3. To increase sattva, reduce both rajas and tamas, eat sattvic foods and enjoy activities and environments that produce joy and positive thoughts. Sattvic foods include whole grains and legumes and fresh fruits and vegetables that grow above ground. 

Overall, practicing a yogic lifestyle will lead to greater sattva. And increasing sattva in your life will accelerate your progress towards enlightenment.